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Differences between making a documentary and making a film

There are several key differences between making a documentary and making a film. One of the main differences is that a documentary is a non-fiction film that presents facts and real-life information, while a film is a fictional work that tells a story using actors and a script. Another key difference is that documentaries are often made to educate or inform viewers about a particular subject, while films are typically made for entertainment.

Additionally, the production process for a documentary is often quite different from that of a film. Documentaries are often shot on location, with the filmmaker capturing real events and people as they happen. Films, on the other hand, are typically shot on a set or on location that is carefully selected and constructed to match the story. Documentaries also tend to have smaller production crews and budgets than films.

Another important aspect of documentary films is the editing process, where the footage is shaped to tell a particular story or make a point, whereas films editing is usually focused on smoothing out the pacing, continuity and pacing of the story.

Overall, while both documentaries and films are forms of storytelling, they use different techniques and are created with different goals in mind.

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