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Because great documentaries change the way we see the world

The Best International documentaries (short and long), whether they uncover the stories that impact people’s everyday lives, illuminate us with the discoveries that promise a better future or shine a light on the lives of our fellow earthlings and the world around us, we dedicate ourselves to exposing films from every corner of the earth, giving a voice to the voiceless.


International Documentaries

The world best documentaries

Flags in a row

Every year in the heart of London, United Kingdom. The Docuworld Film Festival welcomes the best documentaries of the world.

International Filmmakers compete to win The Best International Documentary of the year.

The Docuworld film festival allows filmmakers to reach a worldwide TV audience and start earning money with their projects.

Via the Docuworld Film Festival, the best documentaries are selected to be showcased on the Breaking-TV network,

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